Urban Cannibals Bodega + Bites
What is an "Urban Cannibal"? Consumer of urban culture; the concept of urban dwellers creating sustainable cohesive communities through shared resources, talents and services. (e.g. urban gardens, neighborhood watch & co-ops, etc.) What's a "Bodega"? 1. Traditionally, a grocery store in a Spanish speaking neighborhood that also sells authentic Mexican food. 2. Recently, any small grocer tending to the immediate needs of their neighborhood and its residents. What is "Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites"? Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites is a neighborhood general store located in East Atlanta (opened December 1, 2009) and is the collaborative effort and brainchild of Chef Calavino Donati and Artist/Activist Doria Roberts. The shop features organic, conventional and specialty foods & products (e.g. Tide and Seventh Generation, Crest and Tom's of Maine), along with artisanal sandwiches, soups, sauces and more. It can also be regarded as a "gateway" store for consumers who don't usually have access to or knowledge of sustainable and earth friendly products. What does "We Serve People" mean? While it's an obvious play on words, it's also the slogan for the community service component of Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites. In exchange for volunteering for quarterly non-profit community partners, customers receive discounts at the store. Our Mission Statement As a society, the more urbanized we became the less self sufficient we became. Our rural kin built their homes, grew and raised their own food, used water power from local streams and rivers, made (and then mended) their own clothing, repaired their own cars and the list goes on... As technological advances became the standard conduit for communication, food production and transportation, our reliance on others for service created a disconnect from our neighbors even as our dependence on each other grew. Recently, a renewed sense of community has evolved into a hybrid lifestyle of rural values coupled with pioneering urban sensibilities. The result of this hybrid which we see in urban gardens, neighborhood watches & cleanups, and enthusiastic support for local farms and businesses has, in essence, created urban dwellers who not only feed off each other, but also fuel the growth of their communities by sharing their resources talents and services. Urban Cannibals Bodega & Bites strives to bring together culturally divergent communities with similar goals for their communities by providing access to sustainable products, forging lasting relationships with local and urban farmers and, most importantly, learning from and educating consumers about responsible stewardship.
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