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I believe that as a society, we have become a bit too thin-skinned.  Most of our day to day problems have boiled down to gluten, composting, and LED bulbs that sometimes don't last as long as advertised.  Not to say I yearn for a time when our only entertainment was eating chicken skeleton soup and watching our parents die...but I don't think it would kill us to teach our kids that if someone wins, someone also loses; competition is good.
Not everyone is actually a special and unique snowflake, and sometimes people will say things that hit home in a personal way and you'll feel offended.  That would be a perfect time to remind yourself that you aren't, in fact, the center of the universe, and maybe what they said was true...or at least funny. Politically, I don't care who you marry, what you worship, or where you come from.  I do not think the rich need to pay more taxes.  I think everyone should pay less (except those who pay none), and those who govern should figure out how to make it work, for that is their job.  I don't know if that makes me a Republicrat or a Demotarian.  I do consider myself conservative, but I haven't been to church since I was nine and I love me some gay folks.  So go figure. I do not feel alone in my political wanderings.  In fact, I dare conject that a majority of Americans feel roughly the same - and one day we'll find ourselves a party name so we can be villified just like all the rest. Opinionated?  Hell yes.  But show me where I'm wrong and I'm happy to entertain your side.  I've even changed my mind on a few things in my life.  Novel concept, that.
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