Audrey Jones
Born in Los Angeles California Audrey spent most of her young life fair skinned and freckled dodging sun rays in Palm Springs.  As the years advanced she spent significant time filling journals with pictures, etchings and stories, winning her first poetry contest at age 12. Recording life using various media quickly became a value and focus. Born of parents working in art and accounting - Audrey felt torn between artistic freedom and practical studies.  After High School she left home to obtain a degree in Film and Television from the University of California at Los Angeles.  The production side of the entertainment industry seemed a perfect matching of intellect and creativity! Without name dropping, Audrey spent 8 years working with accomplished thespian and production talents. Willing to explore many diverse crew positions Audrey established a  reputation for herself as a multi-tasking production worker of significant value on any set. While shooting an environmental video a cameraman for NASA once said while trying to solve a framing problem, "What would Audrey do!" This reciprocal vocational synergy spelled out career satisfaction. Audrey stepped away from Hollywood in 1999 taking a job with the State of California Employment Development Department.  For six years she worked as a Media Marketing Specialist promoting Youth, Veteran, Disabled, Long-Term Unemployed, and many other special programs for the state.  Then in 2007 when the opportunity to return to the art industry came with an invitation to launch a Graphic Arts business in Atlanta Georgia with a friend - she packed her car and headed South. This unusual employment history is also laced with time in service with the United States Army Military Police, serving as a Park Ranger for the National Park Service, and as a dedicated parent for her son Emmett. Interestingly enough Emmett has natural talent in visual arts. With the accumulated skill-set above, it's easy to see why humanitarian work would be a calling for Audrey.  After the earthquake in Haiti on January 12, 2010, she spent several months volunteering at Sean Penn's organization J/P HRO.  It was there she discovered the extent to which her work history and talents could be of service to others. 
Today, having sold all of her personal belongings and returned to Haiti to promote a Cultural Development program, she takes pride in telling the story of a beautiful and dignified country in contrast with the world media landscape of violence and poverty.
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