WATCH: 'Northridge Sparkle Campaign' Fixes Up Historic Business District

YouTube Video: Volunteers for Northridge Sparkle Campaign want to take it " to the next level." Help support them in their efforts in implementing the Northridge Village Beautification project.


from Andrea Alvarado, a volunteer organizer for the Northridge Sparkle Campaign


Hi Readers,

Just want to forward our video for the Northridge Sparkle Campaign on Youtube.  We’re taking the campaign to the next level and implementing a Northridge Village Beautification Project.  The area is historical in that it was established in 1910.  The little area we are working on is the heart of the community and where horse stables were, and the first Hardware Store.

We are seeking donations and anything that will help contribute to the beauty of the Old Northridge Business District.  We’re looking for benches, pottery with plants, flowers, things like that.  When you see the video, you will know why.  Once we show improvement, we can start requesting Federal funding.  We’ve made strides so far.

Please feel free to go onto my website www.textinthecity.org

Or write to me at andrea@textinthecity.org for more information.

READ MORE HERE at CSUN's Daily Sundial 

Karma Oviquio February 20, 2012 at 12:34 PM
I had the opportunity of walking this boulevard not too long ago. I see the transition and have to give you all a thumbs up. I was there a few years back and wasn't impressed but you all are doing a great job. The next time I'm there I'll stop in and volunteer a few "woman" hours. Again, GREAT WORK!


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