To Lead, You Also Must Serve

Taking a lesson from Martin Luther King Jr.'s example, the children of Inman Park United Methodist help a family in need.

by Theresa Wolf

The children of spent their time in December learning what it means to be a refugee and how we are called to do what we can to take care of others in need if we have the resources to do so.

We are called to help even if it means making a sacrifice of our time, strength and money to do so.

The church family and Inman Park neighborhood came through in a big way to help our young people collect all of the needed supplies to help a family from Bhutan escape an unsafe homeland to come to a safe place here in the United States.

We will work all weekend setting up the apartment for the family's arrival on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

On Monday, Jan. 16 our youth and adults will work together setting up this apartament on quite a fitting day when our country celebrates for all.

Ms. Wolf is director of children and youth ministries at Inman Park United Methodist Church.


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