Saving Lucy The Goose, Part II

After Gator-Aid, Inman Park tries something new.

Inman Park resident Eleanor "Mother Goose" Matthews led the charge recently , a domesticated goose from attack by Canada Geese coming to the lake in Springvale Park.

Those efforts at keeping the Canada Geese away, via a floating replica alligator, did not achieve the desired result.

Undeterred, Matthews shared "Plan B" with her Inman Park neighbors on the community's listserv and with East Atlanta Patch:

Yes, the Canada Goose Couple is still at Lucy's Pond but let me tell you that I have received a lot of e-mail from the Patch story that has enlightened me. First, that you cannot expect to put a domestic bird (i.e. Lucy) in a pond where there are wild birds (i.e. geese from the north). The domestic bird would have to have its own defenders (male domestics and a flock) to survive. Lucy has been attacked several times in the last few days by the war birds. But, thanks to a neighborhood resident that lives in the apartments on the pond we have resolved the problem for now.

He is a naturalized American who came from Iran as a teen-ager. Mansour has taken the fencing I had in my yard that was erected last year for Lucy (and which was largely paid for by neighborhood donations) and made a new "yard" for Lucy in the front yard of one of the apartment units.  It looks nice (I hope the landlady, Miss Ruth agrees). Lucy gets sunshine and fresh grass and can see what's going on in the courtyard. Mansour takes her out for a swim (now get this) at least once a day during the hours that the war birds are gone (probably to the Carter Center). They have a set routine — arrive about 9 a.m. and leave about 5 p.m. for the night.  Unfortunately, yesterday Mansour was late taking her out of the water and putting her in her new villa for the day and the male war bird attacked Lucy. Mansour actually jumped into the pond with his clothes on and pulled poor Lucy out. So I tell you this so we can give Mansour credit re: his devotion to Lucy! For myself, I feel lucky that he cares because I am busy with Bob the Duck and my five cats for much of my spare time.  OK, so far so good.

You are all welcome to visit Lucy in her new digs...She likes dandelions if you can find them. Oh yes, and the war birds seem to be enjoying Gator Aid with his glittering eyes (which is becoming an area attraction).  Why did I ever think that the Canadians would know how dangerous alligators are? I'm a Canadian and at one time couldn’t distinguish a croc from an alligator. 

— "Mother Goose," AKA: Eleanor

E Keathley February 11, 2012 at 12:46 PM
Yay Mansour! Also, I still wish we could get rid of the Canada Geese.
Péralte Paul (Editor) February 11, 2012 at 07:37 PM
But E, Canada is our closest ally. For Georgia it's even more important: Canada (Le Canada as my relatives in Québéc Province prefer) is the Peach State's largest trading partner. How would it look to our friends to the north if we shooed their feathered l'il cousins away, LOL. :-)


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