Midway To Host Feb. 12 "Unchained" Valentine's Fundraiser For Dog Rescue Group

Funds go toward educating pet owners on why chaining dogs is a bad idea and to pay for spaying and neutering of pets.

East Atlanta Patch is a pet lover's paradise.

From dogs and cats, to birds and turtles, to the many businesses that cater to them, Patch residents love their furry, feathered or hard-shelled friends.

Even so, some in our neighborhoods and elsewhere in the city don't always do right, particularly when it comes to man's best friend.

That's why a number of businesses and groups are getting together Sun. Feb. 12 at the for the "Unchain My Heart" Valentine's-themed fundraiser.

Part of the multi-state rescue group called the Coalition to Unchain Dogs, the goal of organizers is to get dog owners to stop the practice of chaining their dogs.

"What they do is they go into undesirable neighborhoods and they find dogs that are chained to trees," said Lauren Janis, owner of Big Daddy Biscuits and one of the event's sponsors.

What the coalition does with those pet owners is educate them on why chaining their pets is bad for the dog's mental well-being.

If the owner agrees to unchain his or her dog and to have it spayed or neutered, the coalition will build a fence, which keeps the pet contained but allows him to roam free.

"It’s cruelty to the animal; it's not how you treat a pet. It's going to make a dog more aggressive," Janis said. "If you want a pet, why would you want to do that an animal?"

The cost of the fence and neutering is about $500 per pet, she said. Volunteer members of the coalition, who also coordinate with local vets to set up the neutering and spaying appointments, erect the fences.

Sunday's fundraiser costs $10 per ticket, which gets you one free beer and a raffle ticket.

A number of area businesses have donated goods and services to the fundraiser's raffle, including:

  • Modify Watches
  • Pets and the Sity
  • The Pet Garage
  • Farm Burger
  • Little Red Hen
  • Just Add Honey
  • Barking Hound Village
  • Handmade Dog Scarves
  • FiFi Run
  • Karmalized Pictures
  • Photo's By Diana

If you go: The "Unchain My Heart" fundraiser is scheduled from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Feb. 12 at Midway Pub, 552 Flat Shoals Ave. in East Atlanta Village.


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