Fourth Of July Barbecues: How Much Are You Spending This Year?

Don't be surprised if you have to spend more this year because almost everything went up.

Fourth of July barbecues.

For many of us, along with the fireworks, they're an annual rite of summer.

But this year, those patties on the grill and a lot of the things that go with it, are going to be more expensive.

There's plenty of reasons why ranging from higher prices for fuel to transport food from the Heartland to bigger global demand for beef and poultry to droughts in the Midwest.

That explains why the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture's Economic Research Service reports the per-pound price of ground beef is up almost five percent this year.

Things also cost more because with inflation it takes more greenbacks to buy the fixings that go into making those backyard barbecues.

We decided to see for ourselves how much we'd have to spend for the basics of a backyard cookout party: beef patties, charcoal, sodas, beer, plastic and paper serving ware and condiments.

We went to the to price all the things we'd need.

Our tally — before sales tax but coupons and on-sale items included — $165.98.

Based on Consumer Price Index figures and inflation, our cart would have cost $162.46 just a year ago.

Here's how it changes over time according to usinflationcalculator.com:

To purchase that same cart of food in:

2002: You'd spend $129.93

1992: You'd spend $101.33

1982: You'd spend $69.70

How much are you spending on Fourth of July barbecues this year? What tips do you have on cutting your costs or sticking to a budget? Making it a potluck, inviting fewer friends or being a guest instead of a host?


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