Video: DeKalb School Board Tables Budget Vote

Board members decide to table the much-anticipated vote on the overall budget after that the district is facing an even deeper deficit.

DeKalb school officials Monday upon news that the district is facing an even deeper deficit.

Instead of a $73-million gap, the district will have to cover an $85-million hole. 

The news came from district financial officials who explained that the county's property tax digest will be 9 percent lower than last year - not the expected 6 percent drop.

The board decided against discussing any of the proposed cuts that include cutting middle school athletic programs, shutting down the Fernbank Science Center, expanding class sizes by two students district-wide, reducing employee benefits and cancelling transportation to magnet schools.

The board is tentatively scheduled to meet at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, June 20, to finalize the budget. 

A major new development Monday was the fate of the Fernbank Science Center.

The center was pulled off the chopping block last month, but Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson put Fernbank back on the table Monday. Atkinson suggested $3.2 million in cuts to programs and resources at the center. Fernbank has a $4.7 million operating budget.

Make sure to scroll through the video clips above to hear from all the board of education members.

What's your take on the board's effort to close the budget gap? What programs would you cut? What would you like to see taken off the chopping block? Tell us in the comments.


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