The Teddy Bear Hospital Visits Furry Patients at Toomer Elementary

Students at Toomer Elementary brought their favorite stuffed bears for a check-up at The Teddy Bear Hospital.

KIRKWOOD — The medical staff of the Teddy Bear Hospital tended to the beloved furry patients of Toomer Elementary School students earlier this month and were assisted by the highly talented students themselves.

Fifteen students from the Emory School of Medicine used their classroom knowledge to pose as bear doctors and perform basic medical examinations on students' teddy bears, while teaching vital lessons to the kids.

"The doctors assessed the teddy bears by taking x-rays, checking their blood pressure, heart rate, and more. The children participated in the check-up by examining their eyes, giving them shots, and listening for their heartbeat," according to APS' Talk Up blog.

The true purpose of the teddy bear examinations was to educate kindergarteners about health and to dispel any fear of the doctor's office.  Toomer kids rotated through a series of health stations learning and participating with the Emory students in the care of their loved ones.

"The idea is to allow the children to experience the medical interaction through the eyes of their teddy bear,” said Chris Lewis, director of Emory’s Teddy Bear Hospital.

“It’s all about getting the children excited about health in a setting where they feel comfortable.”


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