Bus STOP Signs: Not for Everyone ... Apparently.

Women drove around a bus in New Jersey that was supposed to stop - based on the buses' large Stop sign. Do you witness this type of driving in Dunwoody? Do you see it as a problem.

Alright, we all have been a little frustrated at the morning commute and the afternoon commute where we just want to be where we're going - be it to work and our cushy office jobs in Dunwoody or, hey, we're in a rush to cook dinner and enjoy famiy time.

The ubiquitous yellow school bus stopped ahead can defintely impede that progess. It can be annoyance and it seems to last forever. You can't pass the big yellow caravan because let's face it ... the bottom line is To Protect Children.

One person did catch the incident on tape (below) and the reckless act was caught in HD - complete with cops looking on.

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Whatever the case, road rage, an urgent meeting, an appointment you can't book for another two weeks ... whatever - you've thought about passing the big yellow bus. Regardless, although we may have all considered it - you guessed it - someone became unhinged, did it, and got caught on tape in New Jersey.

Here's the link to the bus rampage. Enjoy vicarously without ever endangering a single kid.

Do you see recklss behavoir around Dunwoody school buses. Especailly during commute hours? Or is the somehat isolated suburban community in metro Atlanta immune to this type risky behavoir?

safetyflags October 22, 2012 at 01:44 PM
Great post and Thanks for sharing. It's very helpful.


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