Petition Started on Jackson High School Renovations

Grant Park parent wants more "big-picture" proactive thinking with respect to campus refurbishing

A Grant Park parent has started a petition that seeks to impress upon the Atlanta Public Schools officials the importance of thinking proactively regarding the roughly $40 million renovation currently underway at Jackson High School.

"Word on the street is that the decision will be made soon about whether to expand the scope of work or not," Leslie Grant, who started the petition on Change.org, told East Atlanta Patch.

"I want to make sure that the importance of this decision goes beyond dollars and cents."

Grant also is a member of the Southeast Atlanta Communities for Schools and co-chair of the Architectural Renovation Committee of the Jackson High School Local School Council.

The petition seeks to persuade district officials to expand the project to include the addition of a gymnasium, which would make room for new program additions.

"This year an Orchestra Program was added to the school with no space allocated in the renovated facility," the petition reads. "A Theatre/Drama Program has also been requested to round out the arts program and to add career-ready skills that could feed the booming film production industry in Atlanta."

Adding the gym would leave enough space at the school to accommodate the new programs.

"To apply big picture thinking at this stage — that allows for current and future programming expansion — is critical," the petition reads.

"We ask that all considerations be in favor of this addition, so that the Maynard H. Jackson High School facility can best support the learning potential for all of the students in the Jackson Cluster."

A spokesman for APS did not immediately return a telephone call seeking comment Tuesday.

J. H. October 17, 2012 at 08:23 PM
Are you kidding me? Let's start with getting the basics down first. The RRR's. If someone want's to get into the film industry that's what college is for. Stop wasting tax payers.
Leslie Grant October 18, 2012 at 01:57 AM
No doubt the basics are essential for many at Jackson HS. However, there are many there who will learn the RRR's through staying in school. Providing reasons for students to engage and stay plugged in is tantamount to being able to teach the basics. I'd love to stop wasting tax payers, but until we learn to create more tax payers by educating children properly we will continue to cultivate the insane situation of dropout rates and pathways to prison. I'd rather have my taxes spent educating children that could become job creators in the future. My 2 Cents more...
dina b October 24, 2012 at 07:40 PM
I agree with you Leslie. It is far more expensive to support a prisoner for one year than to educate a student for several years. Why are more Georgians not aware that the education level of the population is vital to our economy and our future?


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