Peachtree Hope Charter School In Parkview May Get One-Year Reprieve

The Museum School in Avondale Estates included, too

The chairman of the DeKalb County School System's Board of Education said Monday that Peachtree Hope Charter School in Parkview, could get a one-year reprieve following a recent state supreme court ruling that said charter schools approved by the state are unconstitutional.

The district is expected to make a recommendation to the board at its meeting next week that, if board members agree, would give Peachtree Hope and the Museum School in Avondale Estates a one-year reprieve.

"The net effect would be both of these schools would continue to operate," Board Chairman Thomas E. Bowen said.

While operating under a one-year waiver, the schools would be able to apply for a regular charter to operate, which would allow Peachtree Hope and the Museum School to remain open for a five-year period.

The move comes after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled the the law creating the Georgia Charter Schools Commission unconstitutional and that the state's constitution only gave the authority to create elementary and high schools to local school districts.

The commission was formed to oversee the formations and public financing of state chartered schools.

The court's decision left Peachtree Hope, which opened last fall and has 610 students, in limbo, along with 16 other state chartered schools.

Sasha Webb, board chairwoman of the Museum School, said the educational achievement of its students shows charter schools serve a great need in the community.

"We really appreciated the opportunity to show you the incredible work our students have done this year," Webb told board members.

One hundred percent of the school's third graders met or exceeded the requirements on standardized tests in the reading, English language arts and science portions of the tests.


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