Little Village Farmers At Burgess-Peterson Start The Planting Season

Students taking orders for herbs and vegetables.

by Patch Staff

Burgess-Peterson Academy students, whose committment to healthy eating and fresh foods garnered a visit last year from First Lady Michelle Obama last year, are headed back to the garden to raise fruit, vegetable and herb seedlings for East Atlanta Villagers and residents of neighboring communities.

The students will grow the seedlings, which will be ready for delivery or pick-up by March 26.

A schoolwide project, each of the school's seven grades will participate by growing a different variety of fruit or vegetable.

The plants are $2 each, which will be used to fund garden education efforts at the school.

Each student also will be able to take a plant home.

For more information, e-mail Burgess-Peterson Academy Garden and follow the students' progress on Facebook.


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