Drew Charter Students' Impromptu Creativity

East Lake school celebrates Fall Festival.

by Cindi Kurczewski

Students at Drew Charter School in East Lake created an “impromptu sculpture” that sprung up at Drew Oct' 18 and will only be in place through the school’s fall festival on Saturday.

This was part of a “site sculpture workshop” led by Young Audiences teaching-artist Jeff Mather for fourth grade students.

The children were asked to create a quick temporary sculpture to inspire their imagination for the possibility for a more permanent installation on campus.

While working on the temporary sculpture, students learned how to use tools successfully and design on the fly in a collaborative manner. Students used the elements of art and principles of design to make the sculpture. They also practiced decision-making skills, problem solving, and communication skills.

After students finished the temporary sculpture, they went inside to create sketches for a possible future permanent project.  This workshop was made possible through Drew Charter’s partnership with Georgia State University and was designed to be a collaborative STEAM project rooted in the Art and Engineering Design classes. 


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