Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools Weighs In on Inman Crowding

The CINS position statement says a 6th grade annex is 'less disruptive' than an 8th grade annex.

The Council of Intown Neighborhoods and Schools has released a position statement on the issue of how to ease crowding at Inman Middle School.

The statement urges the Atlanta Public Schools to keep Grady High School's current 9-12 grade configuration as it reviews options for the Inman-Grady school cluster.

The cluster includes Hope-Hill Elementary School in Old Fourth ward and Mary Lin Elementary in Candler Park.

The statement, which was adopted unanimously by the CINS board on Thursday, also states that the creation of a 6th grade annex would create "fewer negative educational, social, and extracurricular disruptions to a middle school aged-adolescent than an 8th grade annex."

One proposal that has been floated is the idea of creating an academy for 6th or 8th graders, possibly in a former school buidling in the Old Fourth Ward.

The full CINS statement is in the PDF attached to this article.

What do you think should be done about overcrowding at Inman? Share your thoughts in the comments area below.

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