APS Redistricting: Kirkwood Rejects Options A & B

Keep Kirkwood together at Toomer Elementary, bring East Lake's children to Toomer if their school closes and bring Mary Lin Elementary to Coan Middle School.

The Kirkwood Neighbors' Organization, which represents the interests of that community, voted last week on a response to the demographers' two options with respect to the current preliminary plans parents and district officials are reviewing.

Under Option A: all of Kirkwood would be zoned for Toomer Elementary, Coan Middle and Jackson High schools.

Under Option B: The neighborhood is split. Half of Kirkwood is zoned for Toomer Elementary, Inman Middle and Grady High schools. The other is zoned for Burgess-Peterson Academy and Coan Middle and Jackson High schools or Whitefoord Elementary, Coan Middle and Jackson High schools.

KNO, in it's 5-page position statement response to the options, says neither is acceptable and expresses the desire for the entire neighborhood to remain in the Grady cluster where Kirkwood's children would attend Toomer, Coan and Grady.

The neighborhood also says if East Lake Elementary closes — the demographers' original four plans and revised two options calls for its closure — those kids should come to Toomer and stay in the Grady cluster. (Currently, half of East Lake is in the Grady Cluster, the other half is in Jackson.)

And KNO says Mary Lin Elementary, which is in neighboring Candler Park and serves that community's children along with those from Inman Park and Lake Claire, should be rezoned for Coan Middle.

Currently, Mary Lin students are zoned to attend Inman Middle School.

But Inman Middle is at capacity, which explains a part of the demographers' plans that call for the creation of a new middle school in Buckhead to relieve overcrowding from the communities that currently feed Inman.

Coan Middle is under-capacity and has plenty of room, KNO argues in its statement. The group says Mary Lin is physically closer to Coan Middle — just 1.4 miles away by KNO's calculations, compared with a 2.1 mile distance from Inman Middle.

Péralte Paul February 17, 2012 at 04:23 AM
I'd like to know just how crowded Grady is vs. the number of kids — excluding those with legitimate transfers — who are attending the school illegally.
Péralte Paul February 17, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Yeah, Kirkwood was rezoned to Grady, but then East Lake ended up being split. Now, under these plans, EL is wholly zoned for Jackson, something the East Lakers who live in the current Grady zone, and bought their house because it was in the Grady zone, don't like at all.
Kirkwood Resident February 18, 2012 at 12:32 AM
While I agree about the distances, Kirkwood position makes sense at least on ML going to Coan regarding the lack of student population at Coan as well as the overcrowding at Inman and the distance to Inman. Regarding the high schools, APS had cut a deal with Kirkwood that they would close their local highschool at Crim and therefore rezone to Grady as a result (this was a number of years ago). So Kirkwood made that compromise earlier and now may be rezoned yet again to another school (Jackson). At least that is my understanding.
Péralte Paul February 18, 2012 at 03:57 AM
I'm impartial; I have to be. Yes ML-zoned residents paid more for their homes. But I've only come across one person from Lake Claire who said that's why his kids deserved to go there and be in the Grady cluster. The vast majority of parents from ML I've talked to in person or e-mailed, say they want to stay in a school where they see their years of blood sweat and tears paying off. As far as Middle School, Coan does have problems they say they have serious concerns about and that they don't want to take a chance on it getting better. As far as having a "right" to a school, I don't think anyone should ever think they have a right to a school, especially when the quality of that school could change or population patterns shift leading to the need for redistricting now. Easy Lake's official position does call for the entire n'hood to be zoned for Jackson. But I know of a few people who bought in East Lake specifically on particular streets because they were in the part of the neighborhood zoned for Grady.
Péralte Paul February 18, 2012 at 03:58 AM
I remember that, Kirkwood Resident. If memoryserves, that was the same deal that split East Lake.


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