Best Outdoor Patio?: Midway Pub

East Atlanta Village restaurant voted best in Readers' Choice poll.

When it comes to outdoor restaurant hangouts, the comes out on top.

East Atlanta Patch readers picked the restaurant as having the best outdoor patio experience with 57 percent of the votes cast.

The Midway's patio is popular year-round — enclosed for winter and open during spring and summer — hosting not only dining patrons but also special events such as fundraisers, music performances and for fútbol fans, broadcasts of the World Cup Soccer tournament.

Another draw is the "pet's welcome" policy, a favorite with locals who want to include man's best friend in family nights out.

Two other eateries in the EAV, and , tied for second place. Each received 14 percent of the votes cast.

Next week, we'll be looking at best places to drink (or chew) sweet tea.


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