Where Do I Vote in East Atlanta Patch?

Don't forget to vote! Find your poll location and ballot summary in for East Atlanta Patch readers in DeKalb and Fulton counties.


Today is the day: Election Day.

Do you know where to go to vote on Election Day 2012? If not, you can use the handy Google Voter Info embed above to find the location of your designated polling place. Simply enter the address where you're registered to vote.

(For those East Atlanta Patch readers with family and friends in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy, this tool's data has been updated to reflect changes that that storm may have caused.)

For details regarding what's on the specific ballots in DeKalb and Fulton counties, please click on the individual ballot attached to this article.

There's the presidential race of course, but the two races to watch will be:

    • Howard Stopeck
    • John Lewis
  • Ga. General Assembly 58th District
    • Earl Cooper
    • Simone Bell

Georgians will also be asked to vote on a proposed amendment to the state constitution that would allow the state to create a commission that could approve charter schools in local communities, even if local school boards oppose them.

Below find a list of the precincts that serve the neighborhoods that comprise East Atlanta Patch to compare against the Google Voter Info:


  • Parkside Elementary School- Precinct 01A
  • Ormewood Park Presbyterian Church – Precinct 01B
  • D.H. Stanton Elementary School  - Precinct 01G
  • Thomasville Recreation Center – Precinct 01R
  • Benteen Elementary School – Precinct 01T
  • Butler Street Baptist Church – Precinct 02D
  • Little 5 Points Community Center – Precinct 02E
  • Wheat St Towers Apt Complex – Precinct 02S
  • Lang-Carson Recreation Center – Precinct 05A
  • Cook Elementary School – Precinct 05B
  • Auburn Avenue Research Library – Precinct 05
  • Liberty Baptist Church – Precinct 05F


  • Bouldercrest Road
  • Burgess-Peterson Academy
  • Coan Middle School
  • East Lake Elementary
  • Epworth
  • Gresham Road
  • Mary-Lin Elementary
  • McNair High


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