Problem Intersection: Flat Shoals and May Avenues

Street configuration, parked cars make it difficult to navigate.

On any given weeknight, and especially on the weekends, the northeast corner of Flat Shoals and May avenues can be a tricky one for motorists.

Patrons of the Midway Pub park along east side of Flat Shoals and the north side of May.

The problem is motorists headed west on May toward Flat Shoals have a difficult time entering the intersection.

The corner is cut at an angle, so when cars are parked on Flat Shoals to the end of the block, drivers on May wanting to turn left can't see the oncoming traffic until they're halfway in the intersection.

We've seen many a near-miss of motorists trying to turn, barely avoiding drivers going south down Flat Shoals.

There are a few other tricky problems with that intersection. Some drivers speed down May, using it as an east-west cut-through to avoid Glenwood Avenue, the parallel, but much busier road.

But the stretch of May between Flat Shoals and Blake avenues is fairly narrow making it even more dangerous to speed.

The other issue is drivers will routinely make k-turns at that intersection, backing out in reverse onto Flat Shoals.

One easy fix would be to remove a space or two on Flat Shoals at May to give motorists a clear line of sight to see what's coming.

Another fix, to address the speeding, would be to make the stretch of May between Flat Shoals and Patterson avenues a westbound "one-way."

That would keep the cut through traffic from the Village away from May and back on to Glenwood Avenue.

Debbie Gathmann September 11, 2012 at 01:44 PM
I had a business in the current spa spot and we saw a wreck a week, even before the Midway was finished. I don't like the one way idea because it makes the neighborhood harder to get around in. I don't think they should allow any parking on Flat Shoals or May at that intersection--maybe even take up 3 spaces or 4 spaces on each.


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