NPUs Give Their Support in Opposition to Glenwood Place Project

Several neighborhood planning groups, answer NPU-W's call for support.

Several Atlanta neighborhood planning groups have voiced support of NPU-W's call for unified opposition to the planned Glenwood Place development in Grant Park.

NPU-W advocates for the interests of several southeast Atlanta communities, including Grant Park, Ormewood Park and East Atlanta.

Last week, its chairman, East Atlanta attorney Ed Gilgor, sent a letter to the City of Atlanta Office of Planning and the city's 25 other NPUs outlining its reasons for opposing Fuqua Development's Glenwood Place project.

Plans call for 199,050 square feet of retail — including an anchor tenant that would take 155,000 square feet — and some 1,000 parking spaces to a site at Bill Kennedy Way and Glenwood Avenue in Grant Park.

NPU-W says the project contradicts and violates development guidelines outlined in the Atlanta BeltLine Master Plan and the BeltLine Overlay District regulations.

So far, NPU-W has received support from NPU-B, which includes Peachtree Hills, Buckhead Heights and Garden Hills; NPU-E, which includes Midtown, Sherwood Forest and Ansley Park, and NPU-V, which includes Summerhill, Peoplestown and Capitol Gateway.

"NPU-W thanks its sister NPUs for their support," Gilgor told East Atlanta Patch. "It hopes that the city will stand by the Beltline plan. It also hopes that Fuqua Development will reconsider its application and engage the community in a collaborative fashion as opposed to an adversarial one."

Created in 1974, NPUs are citizen advisory councils that make recommendations to the mayor and city council on zoning, land-use and other planning issues.

The city's 230 neighborhoods are divided into 25 of them.

J. H. October 23, 2012 at 09:36 PM
Hey Fuqua - put in a movie theater.
Micah Rowland October 24, 2012 at 03:43 PM
Far too often organizations come into communities with the promise of support, economic development and prosperity promising its citizens that they can make a positive impact. As soon as these projects that have an beginning and ultimately an end drops below their profit threshold, these groups leave the community and the community residents are left with promises never kept and blight on a level that can never be recovered. The citizens loose. Development is done with the partnership of communities, government, private entities that have a win-win component investested with its citizens. Anything to the contrary of this is against the notion of responsibile approaches to neighborhood stabilization. Many communities fail because these groups feel they know what's best for the citizens and do not consider the desires of the Citizens. In Atlanta, Georgia there is a mechanism in place called the NPU System which gurantees the voice of the citizens. Many of these groups disregard these rights and we wonder why we are in current economic fall-out when these processes are not followed as defined in the policy of governmental structure. If we do not defend our right to voice our opinion against these forms of hostile take over by various groups either profit or not-for-profit regardeless of what they state in their mission statements, we as citizens loose or our investments, our futures and ultimately our lives. Thanks for your ears, Micah Rowland, President of NPU-V Atlanta


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