New Permit Program may Reduce Fees to Complete Home Construction

Goal is to address partially-built or unfinished properties that languish due to bankruptcies.

by Patch Staff

DeKalb County launched a pilot program this week designed to expedite the permitting process for partially-constructed homes abandoned as a result of bankruptcies in the building industry.

The program, which runs through Dec. 28, allows for a builder who proposes to complete construction of previously permitted, but incomplete, homes on which
work has been suspended for more than 90 days. It will allow them to apply for a new Building Permit for a Previously Permitted Residential Structure.

Many partially-constructed homes have been bought recently “as is” by homebuilders who wish to complete the construction, receive a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and place them on the market for sale.

Currently, a residential building permit fee of $1,500 – $2,000 is assessed for the completion of partially-constructed homes where previously-issued building permits have expired and/or the scope of necessary work to complete the homes is unclear.

The Building Permit for a Previously Permitted Residential Structure provides for special building permit procedures and fees tailored to the current condition of each home, and sets the fees at amounts proportionate to the remaining work needed to complete each home.

If upon initial inspection it is determined that the existing structure is so incomplete or deteriorated that it would fail an initial structural inspection, the builder would then be required to submit for a full building permit for a new residential structure, starting with an initial structural inspection.

For more information, builders and homeowners may telephone David Moss, Senior Inspector, at 770.572.4830.


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