MARTA Breeze Failures Continue

Software glitch blamed for credit, debit payment snafu.

UPDATE: This is MARTA's statement on the problem regarding Breeze card payment functions, which have been offline all weekend.

As MARTA Breeze vending machine delays continue systemwide, customers are asked to continue to use cash for all Breeze card transactions at vending machines and Ridestores. Customers who have Breeze cards with fare products already loaded on the card will not experience delays and should proceed to the faregates for entry as normal. All other customers must have cash to purchase fare media at the Breeze vending machines or Ridestores.

Throughout the Labor Day Weekend, MARTA has been working diligently with Cubic - the Breeze system vendor - to correct system issues. The identified key contributor to system failure is the required Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI is a requirement in order to be compliant with major credit and debit card company mandates to maintain a secure environment for the protection of customer information.

System performance issues occurred between the credit card processing software provided by Cubic and the MARTA vending machines. No PCI-related initiatives were implemented this weekend but inital system issues led to a loss of debit card function, and ultimately the loss of credit and debit function systemwide.

Ms. September 04, 2012 at 05:19 PM
I'm a casual MARTA rider and this is pretty much a nuisance. I rode it Saturday and yesterday but had top stop at Publix to get cash for my return trip. I'm not going to ride it again until they get this sorted out. I know it's not all their fault, but it's just another thing for people who hate funding public transportation to sneer at. It was a big weekend for MARTA and they certainly did not shine. Not only this, but the trains were slower than usual and the platform before the Auburn game was so crowded it was unsafe, with confused people mulling about not knowing where to go at 5 pts. Sorry to say but, "world class" MARTA is not.
jeff September 04, 2012 at 06:34 PM
About 3 months ago we used our card to buy a round trip. Over the next 7 days, Marta charged us for 28 7 day passes and then wouldn't do anything to refund the money. They said we bought them. We had to go through the credit card company to get our money back. We even tried to file a police report for the charges and Marta Police refused to do it, even though the bank required that it be done. Atlanta police wouldn't do it because it pertained to Marta and they have their own force. Finally the Marta Police agreed to take a statment, but not file a report for credit card fraud. I am not sure if they are even legally allowed to deny a report. MARTA is not very well ran and its no mystery to why they have so many issues.
Péralte Paul September 04, 2012 at 06:46 PM
That's a shame. If you can't get them to respond to your problem, you should contact the MARTA board of directors directly (http://www.itsmarta.com/board-of-directors.aspx). Perhaps their involvement will get you a proper resolution to that problem.


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