Last Chance: This Week Kicks Off Jury Summons Amnesty Month

Fulton County residents who've skipped out on their jury summonses can serve at a future date without penalty.

by Patch Staff

Any Fulton County resident who received a jury summons from the Superior Court of Fulton County but failed to respond can come to the Court and complete an Amnesty Affidavit to serve a future date.

As part of Jury Summons Amnesty Month, they can do so without any consequences or penalties. The monthlong amnesty is part of the new Failure to Appear Initiative, which is designed to make citizens more responsive to juror summonses.

It also is designed to educate them on the importance jury duty service.

The Amnesty Affidavit that allows citizens to reschedule their service during May is available on the websites of:

Citizens must appear in person and submit an original, signed affidavit that will be notarized. Copies of affidavits will not be accepted.Those with legal reasons that excuse them from jury duty service must submit a signed excusal or deferral affidavit to court officials by May 31.

After May 31, amnesty ends and residents who have received and disregarded their jury summons will be served with a Show Cause Hearing notice beginning in June.

Those Fulton County residents found in violation face fines of up to $500 and /or 20 days in jail.

See what the Honorable Cynthia D. Wright, Chief Judge of the Superior Court of Fulton County wrote regarding the importance of jury duty service in this 2011 East Atlanta Patch .


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