Last Chance: Final Week To Sign Up For Jury Duty Amnesty

Juror no-shows in Fulton County have until May 31 to take advantage.

Are you a Fulton County resident who received a notice to appear and ignored it?

Fulton County's Superior Court judges devised to give no-shows a second chance.

The month-long amnesty, which ends May 31, is part of the new Failure to Appear Initiative, which is designed to make citizens more responsive to juror summonses.

Any Fulton County resident who received a jury summons from the Superior Court of Fulton County but failed to respond can come to the Court and complete an Amnesty Affidavit to serve a future date.

Access the Amnesty Affidavit via the:

Those who fail to reschedule and continue to ignore jury duty summonses risk fines of up to $500 and up to 20 days in jail.


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