House Hunt: Foreclosures Around East Atlanta Patch

What homes are on the market.

This week in "Home Sweet Home," we look at foreclosures in the neighborhoods of East Atlanta Patch.

Foreclosure is never an easy process, of course. But there is hope for those who are unemployed and looking to stay in their homes.

The HomeSafe Georgia program is designed to help unemployed homeowners make their mortgage payments.

The program, administered through the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, has been available for about 1½ year.

But as 11alive.com recently reported, consumers who could have benefited from it didn't know about it.

HomeSafe Georgia has two different programs that provide temporary assistance via a forgivable loan where the proceeds are used to pay your mortgage lender directly:

  • Mortgage Payment Assistance
  • Reinstatement Assistance

Find more information about what's needed to qualify for HomeSafe Georgia here.


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