Georgia Democrats Chairman Responds To Governor's State Of The State

Chairman Mike Berlon says Deal's address fails to acknowledge real reason why business development lacking: perceived poor education.

In a YouTube response to the Georgia Democrat Party chairman says education — or the perceived lack of it, is hurting state recruitment efforts.

“Despite the fact that other states are adding jobs and growing their economy, business is not coming here...it’s more than tax cuts or savings to the bottom line, Governor, it’s also about the quality of education and quality of life," Berlon said. "Employers don’t come here because we are perceived to have poor education."

Education has been a longstanding concern for state economic development officials because companies looking to relocate not only want a ready workforce that can do the jobs they seek to fill, but they also want to be able to recruit executive talent.

Education is one of those factors that can help or hurt recruitment efforts.

As a state, Georgia perennially ranks near bottom in SAT scores, ranking 48th last year, only besting South Carolina, Maine and Washington, D.C., which came in 49th, 50th and 51st, respectively.

It explains — on a more local level — why the current redistricting debate in Atlanta Public Schools has so many parents in East Atlanta Patch upset.

Some of them are currently zoned to have their children attend some of the city's better performing schools, but the changes could see some neighborhoods change and rezoned to lower performing schools.

Péralte Paul January 11, 2012 at 08:46 PM
What do you think of the Governor's "State of the State" and Berlon's response? How big of a factor is education in job creation and retention here in Georgia?


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