Councilman C.T. Martin Discusses an Influx of Boarding Houses in SW Atlanta and Protecting your Neighborhood

C.T. Martin wants residents to fight against the State's plans to create more boarding houses.

C.T. Martin spoke during a visit to an NPU-T meeting in the West End area about the influx of boarding houses/halfway houses in the community.  Often times more than 5 people live in these homes, as they begin to transition out of state facilities, such as the penitentiary.

According to C.T. Martin, Councilman for District 10, it is the State's doing that continues to create these housing opportunities for convicts in our neighborhoods.  Martin urges residents to talk to their State representatives, like Pat Gardner, and insist that this becomes a bigger issue within the Georgia legislature.

Most recently, in the Capitol View area, residents talked to the media about a boarding house that they have in their community that holds nearly 15 residents.  The community feels unsafe for a number of reasons, including that they do not know the occupants of the home, a burned out van sits in-front of the home with broken glass to boot, and because crime rates have sharply risen.  .

In his video remarks, C.T. Martin gives a few examples of what residents should keep an eye on, and what they can do to protect their neighborhoods.

Erica Morris Long January 15, 2013 at 01:39 PM
Even though CT Martin tries to place the blame for this boom in boarding houses on State Government, it is the sole responsibility of the City of Atlanta to enforce its own zoning laws. Why does the City allow such an influx of these facilities in certain areas? Why is SW Atlanta the target of these boarding houses? Why isn't the NPU system used to protect residents from the negative consequences of too many boarding houses? Regardless of whether the boarding house residents are moving out of state facilities, it is the responsibility of the City of Atlanta to regulate what happens in its neighborhoods. CT Martin is trying to pass the buck on this one.
Steven Adams January 15, 2013 at 02:33 PM
The opportunity that is being overlooked is the lack of affordable housing available in the Metro area. If you have a criminal background many places are turning this tenant base away. This is a State of Georgia issue to address fair housing that is being" ignored". The entreprenuerial landlords have discovered this "invisibile group" and are satisfying a niche market that is once again being "ignored" by state, county and city govts. The" lack of rent control laws" haved outpaced incomes metro wide.
Todd Smith January 16, 2013 at 03:28 AM
Affordable housing problem in Atlanta what a joke theory, metro Atlanta has plenty of affordable housing if you dont think it is affordable just visit other cities like Boston, Washington DC, LA, San Diego, Chicago etc. This is strictly about landlords who have found a "niche" but care nothing about the neighborhood they have invested in and are there to strictly exploit the community for what it is or has become. Correct this is a city issue but who is going to enforce this issue certaining not the code enforcement being unstaffed.


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