Man Robbed by Tattoo-Faced Gunman

Police: Robber regularly rode the same MARTA bus as victim.

If there ever were to be a "Committing Crime for Dummies" guide, these two rules would likely be on the list: 1. It's not a good idea to rob someone that you see regularly, and 2. It's doubly bad if you have some unique tattoos on your face.

But that's exactly who Atlanta police are looking for following an armed robbery of a Grant Park man Monday night as he walked home from a MARTA bus stop at Atlanta Avenue and Hill Street.

The victim told police he exited the bus and was headed home when the suspect, who rides the same bus with him regularly, also got off at the same stop.

After both left the bus, the victim told police the gunman pointed a revolver at him and demanded his backpack and iPhone, before fleeing on foot.

Police said the victim was not able to track his phone, but the suspected gunman is described as being a young black male with several facial tattoos. Among them: tear drops.


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