iPhone Tracker Leads to Robbery Arrests

Atlanta Police used an iPhone tracking device to apprehend two men accused of committing robbery outside the Biltmore Hotel Thursday night.

An iPhone tracking device helped Atlanta Police apprehend two suspected robbers Thursday night, according to a news release from the police department. 

This is the account provided by Atlanta Police:

Shortly after 11 p.m., Atlanta Police Department Zone 5 units responded to 817 W. Peachtree to investigate a pedestrian robbery. When officers arrived on the scene, five women said they were robbed at gunpoint by two men. They said they were in the driveway of the Biltmore Hotel when two men approached them from the rear, pointed handguns at them and demanded their belongings. At some point while being robbed, one of the victims punched one the suspects in the face. Both men then fled on 5th Street toward Peachtree Street with several purses and electronics.  

The officers at the scene got a detailed description of the items taken and put out a lookout for the robbers. An iPhone that was stolen was equipped with a tracking device, and the tracking device was activated. Georgia State Patrol, Crime Suppression Units and Zone Four units became involved and began tracking the device.  

Within a short period of time, Atlanta Police and Georgia State Patrol units tracked the property to an apartment complex at 1660 Stanton Drive and detained two suspects, who were positively identified by the victims.

Demarcus Smith and Jermaine Johnson were charged with armed robbery and taken to the Fulton County Jail.  

Police say more suspects may be involved. 

SO September 14, 2012 at 08:42 PM
It's a good thing the idiots who commit these types of crimes are oblivious to the capabilities of present day technology.
Ormewood Park Mom September 16, 2012 at 03:08 AM
A good friend was car jacked in Inman park last Sunday night at 10 PM. 4 masked gunmen surrounded his car. They threw out his IPad and cel phone immediately so they couldn't be traced. There were 4 gunmen aged 16-20 and a girl who was driving the vehicle that pulled up behind my friend. This happened right on N Highland Ave. The cops said that there was another car jacking minutes before too!! They also think it was a gang initiation. Keep your eyes open at all times, especially of suspicious cars. The one other thing that the police told him was that he should completely black out the car with tint. It lowers your chances of being profiled by these savages.
Fourth ward September 16, 2012 at 02:19 PM
10 pm seems to be the magic hour for these.


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