Help APD be Better in the Community, Participate in the Community Policing Self-Assessment

The Atlanta Police Department wants our community input to make better decisions and choices when policing our communities.

Editor's note: The following is a message from Atlanta Police Department Chief George N. Turner. APD want's the public's input in how it operates.

Our agency has chosen to participate in the Community Policing Self-Assessment Tool, an online survey which collects information about our practice of community policing. I strongly encourage you to complete this assessment, which you may access by clicking the URL below. Through your participation in this assessment, our agency will be able to gather valuable data allowing us to enhance our community policing practices and identify community policing strengths and areas for improvement. The assessment is sponsored by the COPS Office and is administered by ICF International.

Your responses to this survey will be kept confidential. There are no individual identifiers in the data that the agency will receive, and the agency will not be able to link an individual’s data to their email address. This is not a test, so there are no right or wrong answers. Please answer each question honestly. The assessment will take you approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Assessment URL: https://survey.icfsurveys.com/se.ashx?s=04BD76CC552D21AD  

Agency Pass Code: GAAPD00-C1

(You will be prompted to enter your agency pass code when you click the above URL. Please copy and paste the above pass code to ensure accuracy).

Please complete the assessment by October 22, 2012. If you have any questions, please contact the Atlanta Police Department Community Liaison Office at 404-546-2677 (404-546-COPS).

Thank you,

George Turner
Chief of Police
Atlanta Police Department

David C. Couper October 15, 2012 at 07:24 PM
Learn more about community-oriented policing, why it is needed and why it works. For insight and direction on this and other important police improvement issues, take a look at “Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off About Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation’s Police” (Amazon.com in US and EU). And my blog at http://improvingpolice.wordpress.com/ where other current police improvement issues are discussed. Good luck and may we all experience not just good but great policing! Great policing is accomplished by police who are well-trained and led, restrained in their use of force, honest, and courteous to every person.


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