Crime & Punishment: What Happened To Anthony Flanagan

With 32 prior arrests, serial thief gets sentenced in South Atlanta window frame theft bust.

The case of Anthony Flanagan underscores the notion that if something looks off kilter then it probably is (and why Atlanta police continually push their See Something Say Something campaign).

Flanagan was arrested in April of this year in the South Atlanta neighborhood when a passerby saw him breaking windows from doors to collect the metal frames. Police said at the time he was going to sell them for scrap.

Turns out the passerby who called the police about potential wrongdoing was the chairwoman of Neighborhood Planning Unit-Y, which includes South Atlanta and Chosewood Park.

This week, Claire Farley, an assistant district attorney with the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, reported that Flanagan, who had been arrested some 32 times previously, was sentenced for the South Atlanta crimes.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison to serve two, as part of the non-negotiated deal, Farley said.

Once the two years are served, the he'll finish the rest on a suspended sentence, she said.

He also is banned from the Gladstone Apartments in Chosewood Park, Farley said.


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