Crime In East Atlanta Area On The Decline

Atlanta Police Department Zone 6, which includes East Atlanta, Kirkwood and Grant Park had the largest percentage drop, year-to-date.

Crime in Zone 6, the Atlanta Police Department's law enforcement region that includes East Atlanta, Grant Park, Edgewood and East Lake, is down year-to-date, an Atlanta police official said.

Speaking to members of the East Atlanta Community Association at the neighborhood's March meeting Tuesday night, Maj. Keith Meadows, Zone 6 commander, said overall crime in the zone fell more than 5 percent.

Zone 6 was one of three of APD's six zones to record a drop so far in 2012. Zone 6 also had the biggest percentage drop overall of the six APD zones.

There's been some controversy regarding APD's crime stats in terms of how they compare to last year's figures because the department reconfigured its zone boundaries to equalize workloads and reduce response times.

Here's how the three zones that cover the East Atlanta Patch neighborhoods bear out so far in terms of individual crime statistics. The figures are through March 3.

APD Zone
Aggravated Assault Auto Theft Larceny Non-Residential Burglary Residential Burglary Robbery Vehicle Larceny  6

Includes: Inman Park, Grant Park, East Atlanta, Kirkwood and East Lake


DOWN 2.70%


UP 19.59%


DOWN 4.47%


UP 35.71%


DOWN 28.44%


DOWN 16.98%


DOWN 0.39%

5 Includes: Downtown


DOWN 24.32%


UP 12.00%


DOWN 3.54%


DOWN 19.23%


DOWN 69.44%


UP 2.94%


Up 8.95%

3 Includes: Peoplestown, Summerhill


UP 18.99%


DOWN 12.79%


Up 30.46%


DOWN 30.30%




DOWN 11.43%


DOWN 31.54%

Meadows also gave residents un update on the Zone 6 vacant property database he started since taking over the zone last month.

The database, which has 125 listings so far, is a registry of vacant properties that he's directed officers to check regularly.

"It's important that we maintain a constant presence," he told East Atlanta Patch, because thieves will sometimes use empty properties to stash their stolen goods.

The database comes as housing code enforcement now falls under APD's list of duties. The information gathered on empty properties will be shared with city housing code inspectors who will check for violations, Meadows said.

Debbie Gathmann March 15, 2012 at 07:03 PM
Keith Meadows really has a heart for this area and we are lucky to have him--he is organized and comes with a real knowledge of our zone.
Keith Meadows March 16, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Thanks for the support Debbie, I am really excited about the possibilities here in Zone Six. We have made great strides with our crime fighting strategies and we are just getting started!! Looking forward to working with everyone!!! Major Keith Meadows
Sarah January 10, 2013 at 09:19 PM
Major Meadows, I'd love to speak with you about this drop in crime. Please contact me at your convenience at sarah@schroderpr.com. Thanks!


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