Beware of Potential Leaf Raking Scammer

Ormewood Park resident notes suspicious activity in recent days.

ORMEWOOD PARK — In Crime Prevention 101, police and public safety heads of the different neighborhoods stress the importance of alerting law enforcement whenever something seems suspect.

One Ormewood Park resident who lives on Delmar Avenue has done just that, following several recent incidents, including the vandalism of her car. 

She e-mailed East Atlanta Patch wanting to warn fellow readers to be vigilant and aware:

There has been some suspicious activity on Delmar Ave in Ormewood Park.  On Thursday of last week, someone went through my car. They took a pair of sunglasses and my owners manual.

Yesterday (Jan. 27) a young man rang our doorbell asking to rake our yard. We have a posted no trespassing sign and live on a hill with 2 dogs.  Highly unusual that someone would walk up our driveway.

This morning (Jan. 28) when my boyfriend left for work at 5:30, a light skinned black male with dreads or braids, was parked in a black Honda a couple houses over.  When my boyfriend stopped and looked to see what the guy may be doing, he sped off.

I just wanted to warn folks that it seems like there are some kids out there up to no good.

Atlanta police have streesed the department's "See Something, Say Something' campaign, which stresses the importance of calling 911 whenever residents see things that are off-kilter.


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