UPDATED: APD Makes Additional Arrest In Drip Armed Robbery

Some stolen items recovered

A day after a brazen, coffee shop in Glenwood Park, Atlanta police made an additional arrest and recovered some of the electronics stolen from patrons.

Hal Miller, Drip's owner, told Patch Thursday someone tried to sell the stolen items on the Craigslist website. He was caught via a police sting that matched serial numbers to some of the stolen items, Miller said.

"Investigators in the Atlanta Police Department’s developed leads that led to the recovery on Wednesday of 20 laptops, tablet computers, cameras and smart phones, including items stolen during a daytime robbery in an East Atlanta coffee shop just hours earlier," APD spokesman Carlos Campos told Patch in an e-mail. 

APD charged, 25-year-old Brandon Charles Lawrence with burglary. He is not a suspect in the coffee shop robbery.

"More felony charges are expected as the investigation continues. During his arrest, Lawrence was discovered to be in possession of nine MacBook laptops, five PC laptops, two iPhones, one iPod Touch, one camera, one iPad and one e-book," Campos told Patch.

"Five of the items were confirmed to have been stolen during an armed robbery of the Drip coffee shop on Garrett Street."

Among the recovered items was Miller's iPad.

APD is attempting to return the stolen property to their rightful owners. Anyone who can provide a serial number to reclaim their property can contact the investigator working their case or Zone 6 Inv. C. Gurley at cgurley@atlantaga.gov.

"Investigations into the stolen property continues, and the commercial robbery, continue," Campos said.

Coffee shop — snatch 'n grabs — where thieves run in, grab a laptop and run out have occurred with regular frequency all over Atlanta.

But the Drip incident in Glenwood Park was different because a gun was involved.

APD already arrested two of the teens Wednesday after the 9:30 a.m. heist.

The two 15-year-olds, whose names are being withheld because they are juveniles, are charged with armed robbery.

Terry-Stephanie Carmon December 22, 2011 at 08:54 PM
 Hello, all!!! We're now getting reports about suspicious activity that's been going on for about a week now....!!!! ex. cars roaming the alleys (** see description below)....we cannot stress enough the importance of calling 911 whenever you see something that just doesn't look right.....we received word late last night that the kids who held up Drip were sighted looking into windows in houses on Faith Avenue yesterday morning BEFORE the robbery at Drip!!!.....they were obviously casing our neighborhood, but there was no 911 call made!!!!....we talked about the importance of calling 911 at our recent HOA mtg. Everyone must be willing to alert the police to suspicious activity....!!! It takes a village! Glenwood Park Village!!!


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