What Should Go Here?: 606 Flat Shoals Ave.

The coral-colored building is slated to become a privately run senior care facility.

For years, some of my longtime neighbors have lamented the peach-coral colored buildings at 606 Flat Shoals Ave. off Newton Avenue in East Atlanta.

Home to what had been Paradise Living, an assisted care group home, its residents were somewhat of a problem for the neighborhood.

Some of the inconveniences were minor; there was the one resident who would go to the Village go to restaurants, order breakfast or lunch, only to have no money to pay for what she ordered.

Others were more serious. In January of 2008, my disabled neighbor shot one of the residents of that facility when that man, who had a history of criminal behavior and mental instability, tried to break into his home just a few doors down from the group home.

Later that year, the city revoked its special use permit and the property sat vacant.

But last week, another group, Primrose Pass Personal Care Community Living LLC, made a presentation to the East Atlanta Community Association about its plans for the property in its quest for community support for its initiatives.

Primose Pass wants to transform the the property into a senior care facility that would have 18 rooms for residents whose care would be funded by Medicare and private insurance.

The principals of the planned center, Erika Brown and Kimberly Castlin, said they are sensitive to the property's history in East Atlanta and understand folks' skepticism.

To address that, they pledged to have an open door policy with the community and serve the neighborhood, too, by offering blood pressure screenings, diabetes checks and other services such as wound care dressing.

"We're trying to do something positive for the community," Brown said, pledging to EACA members that Primrose Pass would have an open door policy with the community.

As good faith measure, Brown and Castlin, who sought EACA's support in Primrose Pass' special use permit application with the city, said that permit would expire every two years.

That's by design to allow the community a regular opportunity to see how  operations are working or not and voice their whatever concerns may arise.

That seemed to win over EACA members who voted to support their application.

"Their willingness to work with the community should not be understated," Ed Gilgor, chairman of Neighborhood Planning Unit-W and an East Atlanta resident, said at the meeting.

What do you think of this proposal for the property? Is this a good plan for redeveloping the site?

LC November 21, 2012 at 05:18 PM
While I appreciate their good intentions, I can't see how they could possibly (financially) complete the work that is needed to make this a satisfactory living situation for the elderly. Having watched the building deteriorate over the years (and the conditions were sub-standard to begin with), it would take a small fortune to get it to a level where I would feel comfortable leaving my loved ones. And in my opinion, that is the only "level" that is should be acceptable. Is a small 18 bed senior care home with funding from Medicare and private insurance going to generate enough income to cover the cost of an extensive renovation plus sustain as an ongoing business? I'm just not convinced that they have a strong enough business plan based on what I've heard so far.
Bill November 21, 2012 at 06:48 PM
The building is still owned by the same people. The house next door is still being used as an illegal home for the mentally ill. Many of the people that you see in the East Atlanta Village, with obvious mental trouble, are living in the brick house next door 1403 Newton. If you would like to see the level of care that this family provides, please stand outside 1403 Newton, or ask anyone living on Newton Ave. Notice how often EMS is there. Ask the neighbors how many times they have had to call the city to prevent to owners of from dumping trash on the lot. Please also note, that the last home run by these owners was also billed as a Sr. living facility. While some people may have been elderly, the one common thread was Paranoid Schizophrenia. There is almost not regulation of these types of facilities and it took us years to shut the last one down. Had it not been for the shooting, they would never have been shut down. They were cited for not providing toilet paper, food, or meds repeatedly and still were allowed to operate. This is a dangerous situation and these owners (or any of their family members) should not be allowed to operate again.
PS November 21, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Based on my experiece with having a licensed personal care facility across the street from my home, such facilities are inspected at least annually by appropriate governmental agencies. If the facility fails any part of the inspection, as happened in the case of the facility previously at 606 Flat Shoals Ave., the operators submit an action plan and are reinspected. If the reinspection reveals continuing problem areas, more plans are submitted, and so on. In the meatime, the facility continues to operate (sometimes for years without passing an inspection). As to good intentions, those of us who have bought homes in the neighborhood and who are maintaing our homes and yards, also have good intentions. Why not reward our good intentions by supporting the notion that this property be used as the single family residence it is zoned to be? (As far as I know the land and building has not been offered for sale to the general public as the residential property that it is.)
J. H. November 21, 2012 at 09:43 PM
I am also worried about safety. Is this facility up to code ie: fire sprinklers and such? Old buildings like this can be death traps for old and disabled persons.
J. H. November 21, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Is it really "good intentions" or just a way to make a buck?


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