The Class Of 2012: One Graduate's Aspirations For The Future

Setting goals for a better world.

by Shakoora Sabree

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., an influential leader in the history of the United States, once, as widely known, said a short but powerful statement that altered the world. He said, “I have a dream.”

I, Shakoora Sabree, one in the many valedictorians of the 21st Century Generation, also have a dream, a dream that has taken root and sprouted over the years. A dream that consists of making the world a better place by improving self-respect and respect for others; by increasing the work effort young students give in school; by treating others the way one wishes to be treated; a dream that can only be realized through faith in God and hard work.

I am a part of what is the 21st Century Generation and it is my fervent prayer that this generation will serve as a brick in the divine foundation that Martin Luther King once dreamed about, a brick of excellence, a brick of faith, a brick of courage, perseverance, and respect. As a recent graduate from Warith Deen Mohammed High School, I have many hopes and aspirations for not only my future, but the future of the world as well.

My goals in life include receiving my bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, attaining a master’s degree in this area, becoming a published author and a widely known successful pianist, and most importantly making a positive change in the world. My major goal is to use my example to influence others to do better. I see all around me negative influences attacking people left and right, in front and behind. It is my wish to serve as a positive influence for people, so that they may be inspired to do what is right no matter if they’re standing alone, respect and treat others as they wish to be treated, and to strive for excellence in everything they do.

It is my hope that by being the best human being I can possibly be, I will help change the world one person at a time, and hopefully this generation can make an unforgettable impact on the world, an impact that helps remake the world into a better place.

Ms. Sabree, a member of the Class of 2012, is valedictorian of Warith Deen Mohammed High School in South DeKalb County.


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