State Democrat: Romney Can't Relate To Average Americans

'He is both out of touch with our beliefs and wrong for Georgia in every way.'

by Stacey Abrams

Mitt Romney campaigned in Georgia ahead of , and Georgia voters are getting a taste of what 11 other states have already learned — Mitt Romney will say anything to get elected. He claims he’s a Washington outsider, but Romney boasted about how his Washington connections helped get hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars for the 2002 Winter Olympics, despite refusing to offer the same support  to small businesses.

He’s asking Georgians to vote for him, but he is both out of touch with our beliefs and wrong for Georgia in every way. Whether he is bragging about his NASCAR-team owning friends, his wife's two Cadillacs, or arguing that corporations are people, Mitt Romney's unscripted comments are not gaffes — they are windows into the soul of a man running for President who cannot relate to the lives of average Americans. As Romney runs further and further to the right in every state, moderate and independent voters are being left behind. Georgia is no exception.

While President Obama fights every day to create jobs and restore basic economic security for all hardworking Americans, Mitt Romney promises to cut taxes for his wealthy friends and let Wall Street write its own rules again. His proposed budget and irresponsible tax plans would explode the deficit over the next decade at the expense of programs like Medicare and Social Security that are critical to Georgia’s families. Some may laugh at his "gaffes,” but these moments show who Mitt Romney really is — and it's just not funny.

Rep. Abrams (D-Atlanta), is House Minority Leader in the Georgia House of Representatives. Her district includes parts of East Atlanta Patch.

Riki Destine Thoreson March 05, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Staceym you are conveniently picking and chosing, with your logic, you'd call Jesus a long haired homeless guy with no college education and no experience, who said he loved the poor but had plenty of wealthy friends too...baad wealthy people.I am a southerner, graduated from Athens State College, know Romney and know he is kind, not perfect, generous, and Christian.
S4m March 07, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Why do people think they have to relate to presidential candidates? Can you really relate to the current president? Do you make a similar salary? Live in a government owned home like him? Does the rest of the US pay your wages? Very doubtful that anyone that complains about relating to Mitt Romney can really and truly relate to President Obama.


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