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Dad should play with kids and leave the caregiving to mom

Parenting is a tough row to hoe. Single moms and dads go it alone every day. When you are among those lucky enough to have someone to share the "joys of parenting" with, you may find the concept of sharing is different between the sexes.

Research is helping out all of those iPhone, PlayStation, fantasy football playing dads who are unable to help out with the drudging duties of parenting.

A recent study out of Ohio State University suggests that families are better off when mom handles the caregiving like bath time and feeding, pretty much all the stuff no one wants to do and dad takes over when fun is to be had.

“Results showed that couples had a stronger, more supportive co-parenting relationship when the father spent more time playing with their child. But when the father participated more in care giving, like preparing meals for the child or giving baths, the couples were more likely to display less supportive and more undermining co-parenting behavior toward each other."

The researchers believe, when the dad gets involved with care taking it can “arouse negative maternal gate keeping behaviors (a particular type of undermining behavior) as mothers consciously or unconsciously try to protect their authority over parenting”.

Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan, who co-authored the study, says “I don’t think this means that for every family, a father being involved in care giving is a bad thing. But it is not the recipe for all couples. You can certainly have a solid co-parenting relationship without sharing care giving responsibilities equally.”

As I see it, this study suggest that some moms are control freaks. They "under mind" the father who tries his best to help out. How was he to know Fruity Pebbles and Lolly Pops weren't an acceptable dinner? Martini, slippers and game of catch, Don Draper style co-parenting.

And, pole dancing is empowering.

S. Fleet September 21, 2011 at 03:59 PM
I wouldn't have a problem with my husband doing any of the caregiving duties at all, IF HE WOULD JUST DO THEM THE RIGHT WAY. Point taken.


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