In Response To: Keep The Grady Cluster Together - All Of It

Some neighborhoods, schools left out.

Dear Editor:

Of course the "" refers only to the Grady Cluster north of the railroad.

It seems the letter writers left out the Grady Cluster schools of Toomer Elementary, East Lake Elementary and Coan Middle Schools from their participant list.

Also omitted from the letter writers "All Of It" are Centennial Elementary and King Middle schools.

If one is going to claim to represent all of the Grady Cluster of schools then they need to engage and include all the Local School Councils of the Grady Cluster, not just a few cherry picked for homogeneity.

— Earl Williamson, Chairman, Neighborhood Planning Unit-O

Chris Murphy January 06, 2012 at 01:16 PM
Earl, Grady and Inman are overcrowded, and the situation is only going to get worse- that's the reality. In SE ATL, we have plenty of room for our other neighbors south of the CSX/MARTA tracks, Kirkwood and East Lake. Problem is, Inman and Grady have been good (not great) performers, while our schools- King & Coan MS's, and Jackson HS, have not. However, given Supt. Davis' promises to us, we think we can move those schools to much higher levels of achievement- but we need help. Given the fact that neighborhoods will be moved out of the Grady cluster one way or the other, I'd ask you and your neighbors to look into joining us in pressuring APS to commit the resources (i.e., personnel and money) to make the Jackson cluster as attractive as the Grady one.
dina b January 11, 2012 at 11:00 PM
Earl, I agree with you about the neighborhoods that were left out of that letter. What I am looking for as a resident of the SE atlanta area is a real solution to the issues the schools here are experiencing. Building new buildings is good, but a new building is not going to cause a surge of middle class children to be enrolled in an underperforming school. We need a meaningful survey of what the parents of children currently enrolled in charter schools need to see to enroll their children in their local public schools. Then we need to provide these things in our local public schools and the enrollment of local children with very involved parents will happen.


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