In Southeast Atlanta's Dog-Utopia, The Mantra For Some: Don't Poop On Me

Folks draw the line when it comes to poop bags in their Hurbie Curbies

One thing I like about East Atlanta Village — actually the ATL in general — is how pet-friendly people are and the love folks have for their animals.

As a dog owner myself, I see many of my neighbors on their regular morning and afternoon walks in this community of man's best friends.

But as pet-friendly as our corner of ITP-Shangri-La is, a few folks draw the line when it comes to poop.

Specifically, some homeowners don’t want Buster’s, Lulu’s, or in my case, Camus’ bags o' poop in their Herbie Curbies.

Everybody poops, but that doesn’t mean everyone is willing to share their trash cans.

On long walks or jogs with my dog through East Atlanta, I've never given a second thought to dropping a bag in a curbside Herbie Curbie.

Jogging or even briskly walking with a bagful of the stuff isn't very practical. I figured a trash can is a trash is a trash can. (Besides, lots of folks leave their trash cans curbside all week long.)

But my friend, Marcia, an Ormewood Park homeowner and pet lover herself, doesn’t see it that way.

“Most people's Herbie Curbies are on the street on trash pick-up day only,” she told me in a Facebook exchange where several of us discussed the issue. “So the opportunity for dog owners to simply drop their poop bag into their neighbor's HC is usually AFTER the trash has been picked up, but before the homeowner has been able to roll said CLEAN HCs back into their yard.”

That means it won’t be emptied for another week while the bags bake in our 90-degrees plus temperatures.

“We understand that dog owners probably don't even notice the stench, but believe me, those of us who don't have dogs can smell the difference," Marcia said. "I'd never dump my kitty litter contents in anyone else's Herbie Curbie,” Marcia said.

It's caused quite a row in Ormewood Park these last couple of weeks, with some declaring their garbage bins to be poop-free zones. Of course, this problem isn't unique to East Atlanta or Ormewood Park.

Over the years, my friends in other neighborhoods, including Poncey-Highland, Midtown and Kirkwood, have all pipped up about proper pet poop etiquette.

Personally, I never thought it was a big deal; I figured better to bag it and trash it than leave it on someone's lawn.

What I have paid attention to are the lawn Nazis who, no matter what time of day or night, come out screaming at dog walkers if their pooches so much as look at a blade of grass on their property.

Rachel Stubblefield, another Ormewood Park resident, has what I think is a great idea. She suggests homeowners who don't mind or don't care, place "woof" or dog's head silhouette stickers on their trash cans to let dog walkers know it's okay to drop their bags there.

You can find them at in the Village or Grant Park's Intown Healthy Hound.

Stubblefield even went a step further, offering to hand deliver stickers to folks who wanted them and placed some "Wag More, Bark Less" decals in an envelope she taped to an old bus stop pole at the corner of Delaware and Ormewood avenues.

That's a solution to which I think dog owners and non-owners alike can raise a hand — or a paw — and support.

Mark Tinker August 15, 2011 at 03:36 PM
I agree that is a matter of common courtesy. It's not like you're throwing a used newspaper in there. It's crap. On another note, I love it when I get out of the car in a store parking lot and someone has left 50 chicken wing bones on the ground. That was when I knew i had moved intown.
Péralte Paul August 15, 2011 at 04:57 PM
Mark, I can top that: I was getting onto I-20 East from Spring Street one Sunday only to find this motorist eating chicken and then flicking the bones out the window - and onto the windshields of the vehicles behind her. But that's what makes living in the ATL so special. Because so many of her residents are, well, special.
Mark Tinker August 15, 2011 at 05:04 PM
Now that's funny, Peralte. I mean- if I am hiking and eating a banana, I may drop it's peel into the woods. I assume that to the (apparently many) folks here who dispose of their chicken bones in this way it is the same thing- maybe they think it will dissolve into the asphalt. Is especially interesting when they include the styrofoam container:) Oh, well...
JV August 16, 2011 at 02:57 PM
Thanks Ken! A little common sense or common courtesy goes a long way....funny how some people just don't get this...
boovic December 09, 2011 at 04:56 PM
Don't even get me started on the dog poop in other;s trash cans thing. It's something I have not very nicely had to email my neighbors about. My little old lady neighbor, who is TERRIFED of dogs, and, therefore, can't stand them any where near her gets poop in her can on a regular basis. Poor girl has to clean that shite up and she always brings her cans in after the trash truck has come in. Good for you for loving your pet, that you keep inside all day, enough to take it out on a restraint and let it shite in all of our yards. That's so nice of you. Fence in your yards, put in a doggie door, and teach your dog to poop in your own yard. Then you don't have to walk around your neighborhood picking up hot steamers and carrying them around with you. Nasty. No, it is not ok to put feces of any kind in someone else's belongings. Trash can or not.


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