Broken Sidewalks: The Impact on Pedestrians

Broken infrastructure decreases quality of life.

CANDLER PARK — Like many desirable, historic, intown Atlanta communities, this neighborhood is characterized by grand homes, leafy, tree-lined streets and an active residents' association.

But Candler Park, like other communities including Ormewood Park and Grant Park, among others, suffers from broken sidewalks.

Much of the discussion in recent weeks has centered around whose responsibility it is to repair city sidewalks.

In this Patch Voices editorial, Bonnie Palter, a longtime Candler Park resident and recording secretary of the Candler Park Neighborhood Organization, explains the real impact that the city's broken pedestrian infrastructure has on walkers/runners, parents pushing strollers and most especially, those with physical handicaps.

She notes that the neighborhood has been proactive in tackling its streetscape.

Last year, Kate Sandhaus, a neighborhood leader, helped to spearhead efforts to get rid of the debris, overgrowth of shrubbery and other obstacles that impedded foot traffic on McLendon Avenue and Oakdale Road — a major intersection — cleared out.

This year, Candler Park is in the early stages of developing a master plan for the entire neighborhood, one that looks at how it wishes to shape its future growth and development.

Part of that discussion focuses on sidewalks.

Palter already has put together a list of the most problematic intersections for pedestrians with respect to cutouts:

Main Street Cross Street Problem with Cutouts Oakdale Road Benning Non-existent
DeKalb Ave. Not properly constructed McLendon Ave. SW corner none/not properly constructed Miller Ave. Non-existent McLendon Ave.
Candler Park Dr. Poorly constructed Glendale East side needs clean up Page Too narrow, Fellini's needs to be trimmed back Brooks La Fonda needs dirt removed Clifton Flying Biscuit side needs repair; hole will tip
wheelchair Southerland Safety island cement was cut but never
finished; corner has no cut out at all Candler Park Dr. Miller Ave. Non-existent: School-walk route Benning Non-existent East Church Need cut out for cement walkway into the Park Euclid Ave. Benning Non-existent Sterling Non-existent Euclid Terrace Non-existent North Ave. Large hole would tip wheelchair forward-needs repair Candler Street Non-existent
FamilyOfFour February 27, 2013 at 01:15 PM
I agree 100% that all public sidewalks need to be kept up and handicap accessible. There are so many transportation issues in Atlanta. No bike lanes, terrible sidewalks on main roads, not handicap accessible corners, aggressive driving habits, etc... I almost hit a man in his motorized wheelchair while he went out into the road. I didnt understand why he just flew out into traffic, but now I know! He cannot get up on the other side! I swear, I was inches from hitting him and had to surve because I assumed that he was going from corner to corner, not corner to in front of me! This is not his fault!


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