After A Honda Carjacking, Some Advice

Daughter of recent 85-year-old Ormewood Park carjacking victim, shares her advice on how to stem the chances of having your Honda stolen.

Dear Editor:

My Dad is doing well, handling all this that happened to him on .

I thought I'd pass on some information that might be helpful to your readers in the area. My Dad said the thugs who took his car were already there when he got out of his car. It is believed that they were actually after the neighbor's and were waiting for them to come out to ambush them when my Dad drove up in his 2008 Honda. It is also believed this was the same way they acquired possession of the other black Honda that was taken earlier in a nearby area, where police shot one suspect!

I encourage Honda owners in the area to put their cars in an enclosed garage (if they have one ) and to be especially careful when going out to their cars. Take precautions like having a camera installed outside of their home or looking carefully out of a window before going outside to the car to see what is going on around them.

If they don't already have one, have a LoJack device installed in the car or some other means of GPS location. Sadly, my Dad's car didn't have one of these but the black Honda stolen earlier in the day did. (I'm sure his next one will have one installed.)

My Dad was very lucky to walk away from this unharmed. As brazen as these thugs are, the next person whose Honda they go after, may not be so lucky.

— Suzanne Taylor

Editor's Note: For several days, East Atlanta Patch has tried to get an update on this carjacking from the Fulton County Police Department, but the agency's spokeswoman has failed to return e-mail and telephone requests for comment.


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