UPDATED: MARTA's Breeze Card Machines Still Down

Systemwide problems continue, so bring cash if you want to ride MARTA.

MARTA Breeze vending machines continue to experience delays systemwide.

Customers are encouraged to bring cash for entry until debit and credit card function is restored.

MARTA is increasing staff at several locations to reduce any inconvenience and help customers traverse the system with minimized delays.

Earlier, MARTA said the debit card function was unavailable throughout the system, including Breeze vending machines, the Ride Store and online.

MARTA customers are advised to continue to use cash until the specific cause of the problem has been isolated and corrected.

In a statement, MARTA said it is working with its vendor, Cubic, fix the problem.

Customer with questions should call Customer Information at 404.848.5000 or custserv@itsmarta.com for assistance.

Thomas Brown September 01, 2012 at 10:59 PM
This is a persistent problem for MARTA. System was down this morning while I was trying to go see DragonCon. Also, both the debit and credit card systems being down have made me late for work twice in the past two weeks. I would carry cash, but I was robbed once and don't carry it anymore. As a choice rider, I'm shopping around for cars currently. Really is no excuse for this problem to go on this long.
Debbie Gathmann September 03, 2012 at 04:24 PM
The Avondale Station says it won't accept debit cards, but I put mine in and pressed credit and it did work. This is another way that MARTA makes it hard for their own customers. Several folks were in line around the machines and three of them decided to go back to their cars and drive, since MARTA was not convenient. This is silly.


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