Happy Birthday Po!

Po turns two today.

Po the panda cub turns two on Saturday, Nov. 3, with a festive finale for the giant panda birthday season at Zoo Atlanta. Not to be outdone by the elaborate birthday extravaganzas presented to other members of his family earlier this fall, Po’s human caregivers are already planning an ice cake fit for a celebrity toddler.

Po still lives with his mother, Lun Lun, although he is light-years removed from the furless, featherweight newborn who entered the world with a lusty squeal in the wee hours of Nov. 3, 2010. He now weighs over 100 pounds and dines primarily on bamoo.

Bamboo will more than likely be one of the treats included in Po’s birthday surprises, along with enriching scents and snacks for the youngster to enjoy or destroy. Watch Po and Lun Lun check out the spoils of Po’s big day at 2 p.m. at the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Giant Panda Conservation Center.

— Zoo Atlanta


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