Grant Park Is Great For Gays

CNN Money report lists Grant Park as a great, affordable haven for gay couples.

Move over Midtown.

Grant Park is becoming the gay couples' alternative neighborhood.

So says CNNMoney, which ranked the most affordable gay-friendly neighborhoods in 10 major metro areas across the country.

The most popular neighborhoods for gay men in same-sex relationships in metro Atlanta were Morningside, Lenox Park and Piedmont Heights, which cost $129 per square foot, on average, according to CNNMoney.

But Grant Park ranked as the "affordable alternative," with housing costs running $104 per square foot.

Trulia, a real estate concern, identified the Zip codes with the largest pockets of gays and lesbians by looking at the latest numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau, CNNMoney said.

For lesbian couples, no, Decatur wasn't the area of choice.

Neighboring Avondale Estates was the most popular in metro Atlanta, but at $96 per square foot, it was the affordable alternative for lesbians, too.


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