Friends And Strangers Honor Shooting Victim's Legacy Through Memorial Fund

Mitt-Chai Lenix is no longer with us but his spirit of giving lives on.

He wasn't an international superstar Hollywood type or celebrity.

But in an all-too-brief life, , who was shot and killed May 15 by a man at the , left his mark on those he touched.

It teaches us that you don't need to hold the world's attention to make a difference  or leave a legacy, you can make great changes just by making your corner of the world just a little bit better.

It explains why the memorial fund established in his honor, which has a goal of raising $35,000, has collected $12,875 so far.

The funds will be used to pay for martial arts training of needy and at-risk students.

Lenix, an award-winning martial arts expert, hails from a family that strives to live the discipline's highest ideals. His parents run the Universal Martial Arts studio in Stockbridge.

The fund has received some 265 donations, some large, some small with many donors expressing their condolences and Lenix's lasting impact on their lives.

As one donor said: "You are never too young to make a difference."

Here's a sampling of the comments:

"I was Mitt's Latin teacher at Lovejoy High School. I remember his charm, wit, and enthusiasm. He never did anything half-way. Mitt represented our school as host of the state Latin convention and won first place in the talent competition. My prayers and condolences to his family and friends. Requiescat in pace."

"Mitt was an outstanding young man, athlete and performer. His legacy will live on. But he will be sorely missed"

"Mitt was an amazing young man. Strength, character, humility and patience are only a few words that describe him. The world is a better place for him being on this earth."

"We became fans of Mitt and Judah watching Breaking Point at the Ren Fest. Every year since we've looked forward their performances. Mitt was a personable, delightful, kind gentleman. He always took the time to speak to everyone. Your smile shined on earth and brightened our paths. It will continue to smile in heaven. You will never be forgotten. Our love and condolences to the Lenix family."

"Mitt was a terrific young man. I had the good fortune of seeing him grow up along with my own three sons, and he was truly gifted and talented!! We all participated in TaeKwonDo together, and those are some of the most memerable years of my life. I will cherish the time I spent knowing Mitt. Although is was brief, it was special!! Mitt is now in another special place...the hands of our Lord, and that gives us all a different kind of peace. Master Bill and Mrs. Candy, my daily prayers will be for you to have the strength you will need in the coming days. Mitt has graced so many lives, his memory will long endure!!"

"Mitt, I'll never forget all those years we spent training together. You had an incredible impact on my life, and I'm lucky to have known you. You were a great friend. Richard, Stephanie, and I will never forget you."

"Mitt brought joy to so many, and the world is a dimmer place without him. It was a pleasure having met such an absolutely amazing individual."

"Mitt, you were such a positive and upbeat guy. I always admired your many talents and I hope that I can accomplish just a fraction of what you did in your short time on earth. You will be missed!"

"Mitt was one of my teachers when I was younger. While I did not have many opportunities to learn directly from him, he taught me so much just be being a wonderful example. He showed me dedication, perseverance, and how an old art can still be very cool nowadays. He was a wonderful person."

"Mitt, I remember the times we spend together training in the summer for our demo teams with your parents. Know that the things your family taught me and the friendship you extended me, taught me to be a better man, and a good husband. Now I will take your teachings and instill it in my future child. I will be a good father and show my child that no matter how early you leave this world. You are never too young to make a difference."


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