Committee Discusses Cyclorama

Grant Park and neighbors from surrounding communities voice support for keeping iconic Civil War painting.

GRANT PARK — The Grant Park Neighborhood Association's Historic Committee held its meeting Monday night to discuss the main issue of concern: keeping the Cyclorama Civil War painting that depicts the Battle of Atlanta in the neighborhood.

No formal motions were made about next steps and it would have to be discussed by the full GPNA body before an official position or statement would be released.

But Paul Simo, Historic Committee chairman, provided East Atlanta Patch with an update:

We had our GPNA Historic Committee meeting last might that was attended by people from Grant Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

The major topic of disucssion was the Cyclorama and the continuing news of its need for restoration and possible move.

We had good candid discussion on ways that the GPNA (hopefully in partnership with the Atlanta Preservation Center) might want to make ourselves available, as neighbors, to be able to support the Cyclorama, so that it would stay in Grant Park.

Comments were also shared about challenges we see facing the facility.   Otherwise, we have nothing else to report at this time.

Any motions made will be taken through our neighborhood association process and as a neighborhood organization we will make official statements, or call for official positions/votes at the third Tuesday, general GPNA meetings.


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