What Should Go Here?: Jiffy Grocery

Neighborhood successfully blocked the building of a QuikTrip, but how should that corner be redeveloped?

The northwest corner of Moreland and Ormewood avenues is a little rough around the edges.

Home to the , a convenience store that some Ormewood Park residents say is an eyesore, that corner is long overdue for a makeover.

Last year, QuikTrip Corp. caused a ruckus when the gas giant tried to put a gas station and convenience store there, to replace the grocery store and the Liberty Tax Service business that sits directly behind it.

Though some residents favored the project, Ormewood Park and East Atlanta opposed it and successfully from the city.

Jiffy Grocery is still in business, as is the tax service company, and both are owned by the same person.

But we've heard from lots of people over the months that believe there are higher and better possible uses for that site.

Some ideas, like gourmet foods shop, are good, but it’s questionable whether the neighborhood could support the price point of such a store.

Another suggestion: Perhaps green space or a little playground/park or dog run. It's another good idea but parks don't generate tax revenue to the city.

So while we usually look at redevelopment ideas for vacant spots, we thought we'd take a little departure from the norm this week and focus on an area that garnered so much attention.

What's your idea for the best and highest use for that corner in terms of redevelopment?

Dana April 27, 2012 at 06:03 PM
I am curious as to how many of the respondants have lived in the area more than 15 years. I see comments about the Ghetto Kroger and the run-down BP. These establishments are both well under 15 years old. They were brand new and shiny when they first were built. How soon will neighbors see the "new" QT as run-down or label it ghetto? Mandan, of Jiffy Grocery and Liberty Tax, has not been a "good neighbor" by maintaining his property. As I understand QT would lease the property from Mandan, but Mandan would still own and ultimately be responsible for the up-keep of said property. I am not sure what the best use of that property might be, but a gas station with underground tanks less than 100 feet from residential and 24 hour traffic is not appropriate. This strip of Moreland, between Glenwood and East Confederate, believe it or not is zoned mostly Residential with some light Commercial. I have waited over 25 years for something appropriate to come to this intersection. There have been improvements. I can continue to wait for intelligent improvements to the area.
Marisa April 27, 2012 at 06:45 PM
@Dude in Ormewood - I just checked GasBuddy.com, the Kroger on Moreland's gas is only 4 cents more expensive than the closest QT. If you shop at Kroger you can get the 10 cent/gallon discount which actually makes QT more expensive. I live within walking distance and I would LOVE to have an option for fresh grocery in that location. Fresh grocery does not have to mean high traffic gas station. For me it is less about being an "anti-capitalist, eco-radical" and more about caring about the quality of the neighborhood. There are lots of kids who play in their front yards on Woodland, Berne, and Ormewood. There are also lots of cyclists, runners, and dog walkers at all hours of the day. Having a high traffic 24/7 business with entrances on side streets as opposed to on Moreland would very much impact the safety of the surrounding residential streets. I don't understand what exactly makes Kroger "ghetto"? It's no Whole Foods but I have never had any problems with the one at Edgewood or the one south on Moreland. It's always been my experience that actual grocery stores have higher quality food and more selection than gas station mini-marts. If it's actual food you are looking for a QT isn't really the solution. Personally I do not mind Jiffy that much. I'd rather keep Jiffy until a better solution comes along than just settling for QT(or another bad for the neighborhood idea) to get Mandan out.
Anjin-san April 28, 2012 at 03:21 PM
@ Marisa, the Kroger stores in Atlanta all have nick-names: Ghetto Kroger a.k.a. Kroghetto, Disco Kroger, Murder Kroger/Crack Kroger/Freddy Kroger, Hipster Kroger a.k.a. Emo Kroger, Gay Kroger a.k.a. Kro-Gay, Harris-Teeter Kroger, Kosher Kroger, Lunatic Kroger, and Kro-Geek. Have fun matching names with locations
spike April 29, 2012 at 07:01 PM
I'd like for a motorcycle shop, or a music store, or a gourmet sausage factory to open there... but it ain't a-gonna. I appreciate the rationale of those opposed to a QT, and those who claim it isn't an either /or proposition, but the reality is there are very few businesses that are willing to take on the cost of renovating that corner, and I really don't recall the opportunity cost of dismissing one being discussed at the time QT was trying to come in. Like it or not, the current state of affairs is a result of that discussion. Wish-casting for something nice to go in there isn't really going to change that.
J. H. May 11, 2012 at 12:41 PM
Anyone that bought property that sits adjacent to commercial property should expect that some type of business will eventually go into that space. The QT stations that I have seen are all very clean and well run establishments. A few animated people stopped it. They also stopped a Papa Johns from going in on Moreland. The squeeky wheel gets the grease I guess. When those people drive by and see a run down eyesore like Jiffy Mart and liberty tax I hope they pat themselves on the back for doing their part the neighborhood and while you're doing that stop and get a single beer, a smoke and a prostitute. Be careful pulling out at that crazy angle though!


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