Real Housewives of Atlanta Features Ormewood Park Vet

Annie Price of Ormewood Animal Hospital shares screen time with Phaedra Parks.

by Patch Staff

Last year, several East Atlanta neighborhoods and establishments featured prominently in the successful Real Housewives of Atlanta reality television series.

The backdrops included a now-closed boutique in East Atlanta, the ABS gym in Ormewood Park and cast member Cynthia Bailey's own modeling school in Glenwood Park.

In Sunday night's season opener of the Bravo network program, Ormewood Park's own Annie Price, the vet behind Ormewood Animal Hospital, featured prominently in a scene with another RHOA cast member, Phaedra Parks, the attorney-cum-mortician.

Parks, it seems, wants to expand her funeral services to include not just the dearly departed of the human kind, but also of the four-legged kind. She sought Price's help with that endeavor.

Interest seems to run high with Southeast Atlanta locations for the series, but the feeling is not always mutual.

At least one Glenwood Park-area eatery owner told East Atlanta Patch he was approached by producers wanting to film a scene at his establishment, but he turned them down.

Chris Murphy November 06, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Keep turning them down, and they will stay away. Which business? I'd go there at least once in support of their stand.


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